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Sustainable change through digital games

PlayAgile – SCRUM Simulation

Learn Scrum with the help of our serious game, the online Scrum Simulation PlayAgile – learn Scrum by practicing Scrum!

Because play is active action – play enables you to learn new patterns of action and thus supports the formation of a new mindset – in the shelter of the game.

What we offer

Online Scrum Game Simulation PlayAgile

We support agile projects as coaches, scrum masters, product owners or trainers and offer our online sprint simulation to support scrum trainings.

We develop digital games that suitably support transformation projects and change processes. We advise, coach, train and accompany you with the support of game based learning in your transformation.

For SCRUM, KANBAN and Design Thinking

Online Training für Coaches

Trainings for Agile Coaches, Product Owners and Scrum Masters

We train agile coaches, scrum trainers and scrum masters in the application of our game based learning simulation software. We qualify and license trainers, scrum masters and agile coaches for the optimal use of our online scrum game PlayAgile.

Online Scrum Simulation

Scrum Master und Product Owner remote training

We train Scrum Masters and Product Owner, deepen the knowledge of them and support prospective Scrum Masters and PO’s in preparing for their exams with the help of our unique online sprint simulation PlayAgile. With the many possible variations, many facets of Scrum can be trained.

Online Scrum Simulation für Unternehmen

Training for companies and digital team building

With our online scrum game simulation PlayAgile we offer trainings and courses for Scrum teams, in which team members want to try out other roles, when teams want to improve their interaction, new team members come on board or just need to refresh their knowledge. Or when teams are in the home office



DESIGN Thinking



PlayAgile is the platform for sprint simulation of the agile framework Scrum. Multiplayer licenses make it possible to try out new behaviors in a playful way – whether newbies or experienced agilists – everyone benefits here. With a free training area, PlayAgile can also be used as an online training platform for e.g. design thinking or remote team building activities .

sprint simulation scrum playagile

What ist the difference and what makes us different?

We are a network of agile coaches, scrum masters and change experts. We do not offer traditional advice. Together with you, we will look for other ways to make your transformation more successful than usual. We rely on new learning methods and rely on „We live agility“. We don’t just talk about digitization, we also exemplify it.

Spint Simulation PlayAgile Change Management Spiel

Learning is not just about absorbing knowledge – no, it includes learning on a social, physical and emotional level. When we look at the most primordial form of learning – children’s learning, we end up back at play.

When I ask my customers what they expect from a tool like PlayAgile, I get these answers

Kundenwünsche Scrum Simulation

… and after a free test, a test run with PlayAgile, it then says – it’s fun, it’s fast, syncs great without even noticing – we need that for our training!

And what about you? When do you make your appointment?



PlayAgile certifed Coach

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You have questions about PlayAgile, the online sprint simulation, or would like to book a training or workshop. Or you are a SCRUM master or agile coach and would like to use the simulation software – write to us!

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